Leading Edge Sharpening


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Additional Services

Knife Sharpening
Basic Kitchen (6")  $5 ($1/inch over 6")
Serrated/Scalloped  $10
Cleaver  $8
Hunting Knives  $8
Tip Repair (all knives)  $3
Chip Repair  $1/chip


Clipper & Dryer Repair

We offer service on all brands of clippers and dryers. 

Maintenance program available

Please contact us for a quote

Industrial Sharpening

Auger Blades $12/set
Mower Blades $10
Paper Cutters $1.25/inch
Chisels up to 1"  $3.50
Chisels over 1"  $4.50
Axe Single Blade  $10.00
Axe Double Blade  $15.00